What if I want to change the time of my call?
Users can use the call timer to change the time and/or day of their call anytime they want. Call changes will take effect in real time so you can change the time of your call up until the originally scheduled call time for that day.

My transcript is good but it’s not perfect. Is there any way to improve it?
Though the current state of Auto Transcription Technology does not allow for 100% perfect transcriptions there are still things that can be done to improve your transcription results. We recommend speaking slowly, clearly, and with good annunciation (speak as though you were hosting a radio show). Factors such as cell phone service and bluetooth devices will affect the quality of the transcript as well.

Can I call in before the time of my scheduled call?
Yes. If you have something you would like to record now instead of waiting for your scheduled call, simply call in via the “Record Entry” tab. The app will recognize that you have already made your call for the day and your scheduled call later in the day will not take place.

How do I cancel the automated calls?
Trunk can be de-activated or re-activated at any time. To stop automated calls, simply turn off all the days under “Call Timer” tab. If you’d like to stop the subscription service, log in to your iTunes account and cancel your subscription.

If I de-activate will the data still be available to me?
100%. De-activating Trunk will not cause the data to be erased. If you de-activate the auto calls or cancel the subscription service, you will still have access to your existing entries but you will not have the ability to create new ones. If you delete the app, you can always download the app in the future and the Timeline will remain as it was when the app was deleted.