Proof that Trunk Works!

Proof It Works

Today, I clicked the Trunk logo in the upper left hand corner of my screen and checked my “stats”. As of today, I have 77 entries and 18,669 words recorded and transcribed in my private journal! To me, this is 100% proof that this app works wonders.

My journal already contains so many special moments and my random thoughts on life. And I’m just getting started! It will get more valuable with time as I continue to record more entries via its super simple mechanism of automated phone calls.

I will always be able to draw so much joy from recalling the precious moments I spent with my kids, family and friends. And during difficult patches of life, this journal will serve as a reminder to me of how I emerged from similar experiences in the past.

Without Trunk, there is absolutely no way I could have ever gotten myself to document so much and create so much content within a short period of time. According to Google, the average single spaced typed page on Microsoft word contains 500 words. Based on that, I have created nearly 38 pages of content through automated Trunk phone calls!

Hard to explain the phenomenon but the results speak for themselves. Trunk is real!

Sal Iacono
Founder & CEO
The Trunk App

Download Trunk on the App Store:


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