The How and Why to Trunk Automated Phone Calls

How-Trunk-App-WorksAutomated phone calls are the key to what makes Trunk an effective tool for consistent journaling. The process of the phone call works so well and is so unique that we actually patented it! So why do the phone calls work?

No initiation: The automated phone call requires no initiation on the part of the user. It’s kind of like someone who hires a personal trainer to come to their house to exercise. When the trainer knocks on the door you have no choice but to open it and exercise. The same goes for the phone call. When the phone rings and you see it’s Trunk, you answer it!

One Button: Unlike most journaling apps, Trunk requires only one button to be pressed. Traditional journaling apps might require users to press over 5 buttons just to open and entry and then 100’s of buttons to write the entry. While it might not sound like a lot of work the mental fatigue that accompanies pressing 100’s of buttons is what eventually wears on the user and leads to journaling malaise.

Phone Call Perk Up: Ever notice when your phone rings you get a quick burst of energy and curiosity in anticipation of who it might be. The same thing happens when your phone rings and you see that the person on the other end is essentially you! You have to experience it to understand but Trunk phone calls are surprisingly exciting to get!

Voice/Audio: Make no mistake about it, Trunk is for someone who seriously values maintaining their memories and documenting their lives. A written journal is great but having your recorded voice to go along with the written transcripts is truly invaluable. Imagine listening to yourself talk about the day your child was born 20 years from now. Imagine your grandchildren hearing you talk about the day you bought your first house. Imagine listening to your kids talk about how happy they were after their kindergarten graduation. The list goes on and on…

Consistency: Again, the key to Trunk automated phone calls is consistency. No matter what that phone is going to ring. It truly works. It works so well it’s almost hard to even understand why. Experience it for yourself.

Download Trunk now on the App Store:

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